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Reclaiming My Time.

Once you use time you can’t get it back, so I’ve been working to be intentional about how I spend it. Have you noticed that people have a hard time when you don’t choose to spend your time the way THEY want you to? Welp. My time on this earth is finite, so I’m reclaiming it.

In fact, I put the world on pause last week as I welcomed another grandchild. Despite all of the demands for my time, I made the conscious choice that nothing was more important than being there for my daughter as she birthed a human life. I initially tried to keep working remotely while my daughter awaited the first signs of labor, but my divided time meant that neither my daughter nor my work team was getting quality time and effort from me. I don’t do half azz, so I decided to spend quality time going on walks and playing games with my daughter until her son made his appearance. I’m a better mother, leader, and person for it.

With so many demands on our time, are you expending it wisely? If not, pick one way to start the habit of maximizing your time spend. For example, in this increasingly virtual environment, people are struggling to find time to eat lunch or just have space to think during the workday. I now have a hard Do Not Schedule over my lunch hour and I take that time with very few exceptions. When I need to use the restroom between meetings, I send a quick note to whomever I’m meeting with and ask them for 5 minutes of grace. More often than not, they need a break too! But I’m also trying to make sure my meetings are scheduled with 5-10 minutes between them as a more sustainable way to move through the day.

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