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R2E: Replenish, Restore & Elevate

We’ve completed one week in the New Year. How are ya’ll doing on those New Year’s resolutions? I don’t make resolutions anymore because I definitely don’t stick to them, but no judgment here if that’s your thing. However, I am a lifelong learner, so I do spend some quiet time thinking about what went well in my life over the past year and identifying areas for my continued growth and development. Three areas came to light for me during my reflection process: replenish, restore, and elevate. What I’ve nicknamed my R2E!

Replenish and restore probably strikes you as similar, so let me break it down in the way I’m using those two words. Let’s start with replenish. I pour out so much of my energy that I often end up running on fumes, so I need to replenish my stores of energy and joy. For my energy levels I’m working on getting better rest and nutrition. In June 2022, my naturopath challenged me to get 7 hours of sleep for 3 consecutive days…and I still haven’t accomplished that goal. Yikes. I also live with endometriosis, so nutrition is extra important to keeping inflammation down in my body and for many other reasons that you already know. Spreading joy is also very important to me, but I must first have it within me to even be able to spread it to others, so I plan to take more time to do the things I love. I will travel more, spend quality time with my family and my crew, read great books, and work on finishing my own books and plays that have been in the works for seemingly forever.

As I take time to replenish, I will also be working to restore balance in my life and ensure I’m walking in my purpose. Our world values busyness and we’re often pulled in many directions that, at times, we didn’t intend to go. In 2023, I will spend more time in the quiet praying and reflecting and ensuring that I’m on the path aligned with my God given purpose on this earth. And, if I’m not on my path, I will take the time to map out how I’m going to adjust in order to be fulfilled and not just fill the cups of others. I will be saying no more than folks are used to. I'm highly capable and I love ya'll, but I can't be all things to all people. Replenishment and restoration will require me to prioritize ME.

Elevate is a reminder to me that I have goals and only a small amount of time on this earth. This world brings many things that try to pull me down, so I have to stay above the storm. Only one week into the new year and I’m already having to do a lot of self-talk, prayer, and reflection, to stay focused on not get dragged down into small arguments. Every battle is not meant for me to fight. In fact, elevation requires that I use more tools in my tool belt like optimism, positivity, healing, collaboration, and unity. I've spent my life’s work focusing on transforming systems, communities and ensuring all students can succeed. That type of work takes positive energy, so you will find me flying higher than the eagles.

I’m excited for 2023 as it brings 365 new days of opportunity to live life to the fullest, in whatever way you define that. Whether you have new resolutions or goal statements, just stay true to what YOU need.

I look forward to living my best life in 2023 alongside all of you.

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