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Personal Strategic Plan

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Curious if any of you out there have a written personal strategic plan (PSP) or is this just my OCD kicking in? I wrote my first ever PSP on New Year’s Eve 2019 (clearly a party animal). I realized that I had spent so much time focused on strategic planning for work and had never taken the time to be strategic about my own life.

During my first year of college, I did fold a sheet of goldenrod paper into 16 squares and wrote a goal in each square on the front and back. In the center of the paper, I wrote “Imagination x Vividness = Reality. Over the years, I transferred it onto another goldenrod sheet and adjusted the goals and I still have that paper on my desk, but I wouldn’t call it strategic. So, I thought it might be useful for someone out there if I shared a bit about my PSP.

The three goals I focused on were relationships (of all types, including dating), my health, and giving myself grace. While I won’t lay out all my biz for you, here’s a window into my thoughts when I decided to pen this thing:

“As the year comes to a close and a new year looms, I have decided to walk through life differently. This past year I have been very reactive to life. In this new year, I plan to be on the other end of the spectrum living my life with purpose. I know God has given me many talents, but I often find myself saying, “Let me pray on it.” At times that can be a cop out that requires no thought or action on my part. A waiting game that doesn’t fully use the gifts and talents that He has blessed me with.”

I didn’t just write my PSP and then shelve it. I actually pulled it out from time to time, especially when I was feeling the pressure of living through a pandemic and racial reckoning. And, as I continued to ask myself if I was being a good ancestor with the daily choices I was making. Each NYE, I pull out my PSP and reflect on how the year went and revise my personal goals as I look forward to a new year. While my goals don’t change drastically, I continue to evolve to be the best version of me and that’s the point.

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