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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I sat in the gym suffering through what my trainer called an “easy” workout. Yeah. Easy for her to say. I’ve been out of the gym for months and still using COVID as my excuse, but in reality, I wasn’t motivated to put in the work. And, I honestly wasn’t ready to put in the work that day either. I was going to do a quick 30-minute workout and bail, but my trainer spotted me as soon as I walked into the gym and began her reign of terror.

I powered through the workout and it sucked. It didn’t suck because the regimen was too hard for my body. It sucked because I needed to change my attitude. I went through the workout mad at myself for having to start over again for the umpteenth time. Nine years ago, I was putting in 100 and 200 mile rides on my road bike and competing in tri-athlons. Now, I’m celebrating walking a mile and not dying during a 40-minute training session.

As I write this, I sit here showered, rested and better able to reflect on being able to begin…again. Beginning again can be frustrating and scary and that’s what I finally confessed to my trainer. But I have done harder things. I began again after having my gall bladder removed. Four months later, I began again after having a tumor removed that the surgeons missed the first time. I had to work my core back to being able to do a single crunch. I began again after a messy divorce. Then, I began again after having foot reconstruction, but first I had to learn to walk again.

So I began again on this journey for my physical and mental health. I’ll share what I learn along the way and hope you lean into whatever your beginning may be. My first lesson learned was to choose me.

Here’s to new beginnings…again.

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