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The story I share is not a fairytale, but one filled with deep and meaningful life lessons. From dead broke and hiding my car from repossession to realizing all of my dreams. Now, as I recount my hard-won lessons, I realize the importance of sharing my experiences and the wisdom I EARNED.


I’m not a life coach or an executive trainer. Like so many of you, I’m a daughter, mother, sister, glam-ma, a single mom, and a fearless Queen. I pride myself in being an educator and a storyteller, blessed with the unquenching desire to be a good ancestor. However, wisdom and experience are nothing if not shared and I refuse to be an archive collecting knowledge…and dust. 

Whatever the reason you’ve found my site, I am glad you’re here! I’m excited to share with you the life lessons I’ve EARNED. I encourage you to stay connected, knowing that I am here and ready to help you recognize how limitless you are in your power to face your challenges, own your experiences, conquer your fears, and realize your potential, so you, too, can take the world by storm.






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